We are committed to making breakthroughs in the conventional BBQ method, changing the BBQing habits of the public and guiding the people towards an easier and healthier way to enjoy quality BBQs. In terms of product research and development, we have been actively exploring different possibilities through multifaceted innovation and pushing the limits, making every product a perfect masterpiece. In the long run, we strive to become one of the top BBQ grill manufacturers in the world, step by step, through continuous innovation and expansion of our business deployment.

Ting Shan Enterprise Co., Ltd. upholds the principles of passion and empathy, taking full charge from design and development to manufacturing with rigorous quality control of the production line to provide the best products to our customers! The Company was jointly invested and established by Shu Ting Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. and Shan Yong Precision Co. Ltd. Shu Ting Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. is a professional stamping factory with more than 20 years of experience. It enjoys unique expertise in the forming realm, and the main products include stamping parts for electronic connectors and camera. Shan Yong Precision Co., Ltd. is also a professional hardware stamping factory with more than 20 years of experience. The name “Ting Shan*” is thus derived from the combination of the name of these two experienced companies, and carries the expectation of becoming a premier company which produces high quality products benefitting the lives of people, and that the debut of every excellent product will become the center of attention.
* “Ting” means top, best; and “Shan” means “good” in Chinese.

Name of Company (Chinese): 頂善企業股份有限公司
Name of Company (English): Ting Shan Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Factory address: No.8, Lane 64, Gansue Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R. O. C.)
Contact details:
TEL: +886-4-2317-6217 / +886-4-23114873#100
FAX: +886-4-2317-6227
E-MAIL: uncleroasttw@gmail.com